hello! my name is jack. i'm nineteen years old, a transgender male, and gay.
i'm often likened to a misty apparition, an unexplained fragrance, an eerie source of light, a cold sensation, and an infinite expression of love... but i'm really just the webprincess of this site. i hope you enjoy looking around!
i am veryyy interested in film, music, horror, slashers, baking, porcelain dolls, antiques and trinkets, dream symbolism/analysis, lolita fashion, the decadent movement, venus, mermaids, sharks, hedonism, love, sensuality, mysticism and spirituality, luxury, beauty, and everything otherworldly and paranormal.
i have two porcelain dolls at the moment, though i eventually want a plentiful collection. i also collect the odd snowglobe, music box, or precious moments figure here and there. i love to look at dolls and trinkets in my spare time and daydream about my shelves being full of pretty knickknacks and collectibles.
i am a sincere and strong believer in ghosts & spirits, many other 'mythical' creatures, angel numbers, prophetic dreams, and so on. these beliefs are very important to me. i choose to see magic in the mundane, and i like to believe that there is more to life than meets the eye. i wouldn't want to see the world any other way!